Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children offers seminars for Texas educators who are responsible for administering tests and performance measures and/or using the results to identify students with dyslexia and recommend placement. The seminars are based upon the laws, procedures and guidelines governing Texas public schools. The available seminars are Identifying Dyslexia: The Very Basics, Identifying Dyslexia: Beyond the Basics and The Special Education Opportunity.

These seminars will highlight:

  • The foundation of the definition of dyslexia as a guide to data gathering and interpretation
  • Data gathering and data review, including parent and teacher questionnaires
  • Inclusion and interpretation of early reading assessments
  • Inclusion and interpretation of Response to Intervention (RtI) data in identification of dyslexia and in progress monitoring of interventions
  • Development of student profiles and interpretation for the identification of dyslexia