Many of our West Texas friends have asked how they can help to make the 2015 San Angelo Sporting Clay Shoot an even more successful event for the patients at TSRHC. By providing a donation in support of this year's shoot, you can help us reach our goal. That goal is to have 100 percent of the event expenses underwritten, resulting in an even greater donation to TSRHC. We want the sporting clay shoot to be known as the BEST benefit shoot in Texas. You can help us reach this goal and make this event successful for the patients at TSRHC by committing to one of the following underwriting opportunities or making a donation toward the event.

Underwriting Opportunities

Range Opening & Fees
$35,000 Gun Boards $4,500
Commemorative Shirts $15,000 Cart Rental $3,500
Sponsor Gifts $10,000 Printing $3,000
Awards Program Reception $5,000 Shotgun Prizes $1,000 each
Equipment Rental $5,000 Breakfast $500
Lewis Class Awards $5,000 Decorations $300
Lunch $4,500 Banners & Signs $200
Donation Information
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Additional Information
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