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Featured Artists

  • Dawn Waters Baker

    Dawn was born and rasied the child of missionaries in the Phillipines. Stepping in to the United States for the first time, Dawn attended and graduated Suma Cum Laude from Dallas Baptist University in 1998.
    She is affiliated with Mary Tomas Gallery in DallasDesign District and currently with the summer group exhibit at White Stone Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. She is also represented by Smith Klein Gallery in Boulder, CO. Her work has been in national shows including The National Weather Biennale, CIVA Contemporary Images of Mary and Ex Nihilo at Roberts Wesleyan College. Her work is available internationally through Veritasse based in London, England.

  • Desmond Blair

    Desmond is a Dallas based 2D artist that specializes in oil painting.Desmond experiments with various types of composition but most ofhis work centers around the human figure. He attempts to capture theemotion of specific moments and is heavily influenced by 2D animation. Desmond also channels the creativity from his art work into his work as a Project Manager for TSRHC. He believes creativity is just as muchabout solving problems as it is exploring possibilities.

  • Debora P. Blake

    Born in Mexico City, Mexico; raised in Sugar Land, TX. Graduated from the Baptist University of the Americas, in San Antonio, TX, with a Bachelor's degree in Business. Currently working on a Dual Masters degree program in Master in Arts of Global Leadership and Masters of Business Administration, at Dallas Baptist University. I developed a crave for creativity at a young age, and I remember at times enjoying more coloring than playing with my toys, especially at my grandmother's house. Even though I had that crave at a young age my parents were very indifferent about it, so I never took any private painting lessons. It was until Middle School that I decided to take my first art class by choice and then followed it with another year of Art 1 and a year of Painting in High School. I had the opportunity to develop my style and try new things. Soon enough I discovered the satisfaction that painting gave me, and the escape it provided me. Since then I have been painting on and off since the age of 16. I wish to continue to grow and perfect my painting skills and I feel like participating in an event like this will help me to do so.

  • Megan Adams Brooks

    Inspired by patterns and textures in the natural world, Megan Adams Brooks’ work consists of paintings on silk or onto stretched canvas that has been screen printed with her own fabric designs. Brooks’ earthy abstractions reflect the beauty throughout nature. Throughout Brooks’ painting process, her spontaneous sensibility and expressive markings include layering and repeating imagery in an organic and unexpected manner. Painters like Vuillard and Bonnard and most of all Mariano Fortuny influence Brooks’ work. Her work has been exhibited at Art Basel in Miami and McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas. Brooks holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in painting and drawing from Southern Methodist University and Masters of Fine Art degree for the University of North Texas. Megan Brooks is the owner of Megan Adams Designs and lives and works in Dallas, TX.

  • Marcy Cook

    Marcy Cook's aesthetic draws from the movement and change in seasons. Marcy's study of color is directly inspired by her floral design work with a primary focus in acrylic paint. She works with varying washes and intense layering to create a surface that evokes a feeling that can only be created and connected through the play of color contrast.
    Marcy lives and works in Dallas, Texas as a full-time floral designer at her company, Stems of Dallas. Most of her painting work is inspired by floral design.
    Marcy graduated in 2011 from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.

  • Linda Dillard

    Linda Dillard grew up in the Mississippi Delta, earning her BFA in commercial design and minoring in painting from Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. Upon graduation, she moved to Jackson, MS. where she worked as a graphic artist for various retailers before joining a global telecommunications company as a Communications Consultant. Although working as a relatable professional, Linda has never stopped being an artist. Formerly, having to produce really tight and detailed artwork, Linda really enjoys using vibrant color and a bit of whimsey in her art. Her media is whatever she can get her hands on and what moves her at the time.
    Linda’s work was selected and featured in New York Ad Weekly. Her artwork has been displayed at The Gallery at MIDTOWN, Connective Hub of Dallas, Clique Gallery, Home Concepts-Deep Elum, Slate Gallery, and she was one of the selected artists for the 2013 Fine Art in Dallas /CityArlCal.
    Linda moved to Dallas, Texas in 1996 and has lived her ever since.

  • Melissa Stinson Ellis

    Native Texan, Melissa Stinson Ellis, specializes in abstract and contemporary nature oil paintings. Her bold use of color is apparent in all of her work, from her large-scale, heavily textured abstract pieces to her unique and ethereal paintings of flowers and trees. Her flair for the dramatic comes across in all of her work. Whether she is working with oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, wood, metal or pastels, her distinct style is undeniable.
    Melissa is featured in the 2013 Fine Art in Dallas calendar and was chosen as the featured artist in both the first and second edition of CRAVE Dallas, a who's who book of 150 local female entrepreneurs. Melissa's work is currently displayed throughout Dallas at Orison's Fine Art Gallery, Newman Village Discovery Center, Ashley Russell Salon, Union Dallas, Eye Pieces and LuminArte Gallery. In addition to having pieces in private collections across the country, Melissa also has work in commercial spaces such as the Gables Park 17, the Law Office of Cherry Petersen Landry Albert LLP, Winstead PC and Cityville on the Katy Trail.
    Her work is available online at www.ellisartgallery.com and she also accepts custom commission pieces for both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Matt Esparza

    Matt Esparza is a Dallas based visual artist and video producer. As a graduate of Oral Roberts University (ORU), in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Matt obtained a degree in Art Graphic Design, with a concentration in Video. He was also a key player on the ORU Men’s Soccer team, and went on to train with professional clubs in Brazil.
    As a gifted artist, Matt has displayed and sold works across the United States, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Tulsa and Los Angeles. After living in L.A. for a year, and apprenticing under highly respected artist, Andy Anh Ha, Matt relocated to Dallas in 2012 to establish his studio. By day, he works full-time as a video producer.
    Matt is continually getting inspiration from the world around him, drawing equally from urban and rural textures, international travels, and famous artists. The artists who have most influenced him include: Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Georges Mathieu, Franz Kline, Willem De Kooning, Mark Rothko and street artists Shepard Fairey and Banksy. His main source of inspiration, however, is his faith in God, and the effect that has had on his life.
    Esparza’s preferred medium is a variety of acrylic and oils, on board, with regular use of polymers, spray paints, stains, markers, epoxy resin and sheet metal.
    When Esparza is not painting or shooting video, he is busy volunteering at his church, acting, traveling, working out, dancing or enjoying the outdoors.

  • Stephanie Fudge

    Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the A&M Commerce, where she learned to draw and airbrush paint. She uses acrylic and oil paints on stretched canvas and water color paper. Stephanie enjoys mixing techniques to create her signature look. Occasionally she will utilize everyday objects to help her create texture like bubble wrap, crumpled magazine paper, and old tires. Drawing inspiration from artists Stina Persson, Bruce Gray, and Mark Webster, she has created a body of work that is unique to her.

  • Helen Green

    Helen Green’s work was recently described appropriately by a local Dallas art store as “simplistic beauty with light and airy colors that will add a touch of summer to any room”. Raised in Boerne, Texas under her mom’s easel, Helen has developed her graceful style, which has caught the attention of area art stores such as Random, Frisco Mercantile, Union Coffee Shop and a rapidly growing number of followers though her “Grace Filled Nest” Tumblir site.
    Her education began at the University of Texas but chose to graduate at the Art Institute of Dallas. She left the stressful corporate world environment after beginning her career in the Neiman Marcus Store Visual Department and ending as a Senior Art Director at J.C. Penney’s. Now she finds true joy and peace as a stay at home mom with her precious 5-year-old daughter where she takes time to paint in her studio.
    Sweetly rooted in her faith, Helen is moved daily by the beauty that she sees in the world through the eyes of the LORD. It’s amazing the following that she is blessed with in like-minded people and others that recognize a still small voice in her work.

  • Adam Grovenstein

    A University of Texas graduate in Economics, and former Professional Poker Player, turned Entrepreneur, Adam has been commissioning works, for select individuals, for over 6 years. Modern Art, Architecture and Design has always been his passion, as seen in many of his works.

  • Allyson Hall

    i happily tabled my career as a journalist for the adventures of motherhood almost nine years ago. four babies later, the youngest finally on board the “potty train,” i finally figured out what i want to be when i grow up. i followed the pull to turn my creativity into a professional pursuit that excited me every day. it started with photography. i love capturing the unexpected moment, the unposed expression on faces. my nikon is like a fifth child -- it goes everywhere with me.
    about face silhouettes are an extension of my passion for photography, a new use for the thousands of .jpgs that were building up in my photo library. i was looking for a fresh medium to capture the images of my children and remembered the great black and white silhouettes of me as a kid.
    by first photographing my subjects' profiles, i have a fixed moment from which i can trace a detailed silhouette. i take my time, putting great care into precisely cutting the slope of a nose, the pout of the lips or the curl in the hair. this is what sets an "about face" original apart from many other silhouettes. the greatest compliment i have received comes from clients who say they can fill in the rest of the silhouetted face's features with their mind's eye.
    i use sturdy colored cardstock to give my silhouettes a modern vibe and to provide my clients another opportunity to express their individuality. so that's what i'm about. i hope my work adds a splash of color to your walls and makes you smile.

  • Pauline A. Johnson

    Pauline Johnson was born in San Diego, California, and painted her first canvas in elementary school. Her life was filled with music lessons and artistic endeavors. Having lived her adult life all across the United States, she now resides in Fort Worth and calls this cowtown "home." Pauline worked professionally for several years in graphic arts and design, creating logos, digital artwork, product packaging and designing web sites, while raising two daughters. She created an acrylic still life of a teacup, which a gourmet tea company used for it's logo, and trademarked her work. Pauline spent many years painting large scale murals, using artist acrylics (and lots of ladders). Currently, she works in mixed media and acrylic on canvas. While brushes are wonderful, Pauline really enjoys using organic sponges in her work. She loves impressionistic and abstract design. Pauline's deeply rooted Christian faith heavily influences her work. One of her favorite passages of the Bible is in Genesis, where the earth is described as being formless, and void until God intervenes and creates the world. The creative process of turning chaos into order and beauty connects her heart to her Creator, and she deeply desires people to see the heart of God in her work.

  • Karley Osborn Kiker

    Karley Kiker—a former Scoliosis patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children—is a born-and-bred Dallas girl who graduated from Pepperdine University in 2011 with a B.A. in Creative Writing. Over the past few years, she has interned at US Weekly and D Magazine, worked as an au pair in Southern France, competed at Miss Texas, and interviewed many notable Dallasites while working as a staff writer and society columnist for People Newspapers. Currently, she works as a commissioned artist and freelance writer, with hopes of publishing young adult fiction novels for the Christian market.
    Karley’s artistic style is a reflection of the way she sees life: colorful, eclectic, and full of possibilities. Her love for creating has led her to explore a variety of mediums and subjects, including textured abstracts, mixed-media pieces, fashion sketches and paintings, impressionistic portraiture, and more. Both in writing and in art, Karley is inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, the laughter and love of her husband, family, and friends, and by all things Southern (from cowboy boots to Aquanet hairspray).
    To see more of Karley’s work or commission a custom piece, visit her gallery at www.karleyart.com.

  • Jenny Grumbles Koziol

    Dallas entrepreneur, Jenny Grumbles, obtained her degree in journalism and studio art from Southern Methodist University in 2002. Her work-life is threefold; artist, shop-owner, and buyer for A&E’s hit series, Storage Wars Texas. Jenny’s paintings have been sold in galleries and shops throughout Georgia, Texas, and California. She is the proprietor to her very own vintage home furnishings shop, Uptown Country Home.
    Since realizing her passion in painting in 1994, she has created an impressionist style with loose brush strokes and an emphasis on light and color. There is never black on her palette. Her subject matter includes everything from children on the beach, home interiors, florals, and commissioned work. Jenny attributes much of her success to her mentor, the renowned Claudia Hartley of Arizona, and to gallery owner, Anne Irwin, of Atlanta.
    Jenny also spends much of her time searching for treasures to recycle, repurpose, and repaint for sale in her shop. In addition to her shop and artwork, Jenny has a passion for politics and major league baseball. 
    Jenny’s main aspiration is to make the world a better place through political advocacy, creative art and home décor, because she truly believes, whether it’s the whole world, or a little cottage in Dallas, home is where the heart is.

  • Phyllis Mabus

    Phyllis Mabus was a teacher for 27 years in McKinney, Texas. After retirement she started painting. Inspired by her middle school friend Nancy Tunstall Crozier, a survivor of polio and also an artist, she strives to reproduce Nancy’s vibrant water colored paintings into beautiful paintings using oil and water color on canvas. Although Nancy is still painting, her energy is comprised from battling post polio syndrome. Her beautiful work and spirit drive Phyllis to keep painting. She is associated with the Garret Art Gallery and the Suzanna Gordon Design Studio in Snider Plaza.

  • Christi Meril

    Christi Meril has been creating mixed media art filled with simple and connectable images since 2006. She has devoted herself as an artist to create images that speak to the eye and heart of the beholder. Her artwork is filled with modern yet timeless pieces full of life, self-reflection and love. Over the years, her work has appeared in ArtHouse Dallas, The Thrift Studio, Dallas, The Dallas Flea, The Jewish Art Fest of Dallas, Arts and Tarts, open shows at the 500X Gallery and sold locally. She is also found in personal collections from California to New York and abroad. Christi resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband, two daughters, two standard poodles and english bulldog.

  • Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller, president and creative director of the thriving multi-media communications company Rainmaker Advertising of Dallas (www.RainmakerAdv.com), explores both his creative vision as well as his spiritual connections by way of his painting. Under the nom de guerre CJMiller, Miller first broke onto the Dallas art scene with his 2002 show, “Flora & Fauna: Digital Impressions” which displayed his skilled use of rich, earthy colors and bold figures. Inspired by the disappearance of stars in the city skyline, Miller’s 2009 show “Starry Nights” reflected his transition into expressionism and his exploration of the more tactile oils and acrylics which he’s inventively integrated with other mediums. His works have also been displayed at Fort Worth’s Stage West, WaterTower Theatre of Addison, and the Fine Art Station at Mockingbird Station. In March 2011, his most recent show “Silence Between the Sounds” was featured at the WaterTower Theatre in Addison. Beginning September 6, 2013, his show, titled “Square One”, will be featured at the Visit Addison center on 5100 Belt Line Road, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75254. His work can also be viewed at www.CJMillerArt.com.

  • Nicole Morrow

    Nicole Morrow is an abstract portrait artist from Dallas, Texas. Her gestural pieces have been described as ethereal, young, fresh and mysterious. Nicole works primarily with acrylic paint, but also employs the use of thread, veneer, and lacquers to achieve the desired look. Her work can be found at Curated as well as the NYLO hotels and the June 2008 issue of TIME magazine. Ms. Morrow studied under the direction of Dr. Joseph Pomara and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas - Dallas. When Nicole isn't painting she is usually contributing to the Dallas Art community through various creative projects or conducting private art lessons with her young students.

  • Rachel Nash

    Rachel is a native of Oklahoma City. She studied Art, Art History, and Psychology at Southern Methodist University and went on to receive her Masters from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
    Rachel is an artist as well as an art therapist.

  • Andrea Navarro

    Andrea Victoria Navarro was raised in Dallas, TX before earning a BFA in Art History from the College of Charleston. Andrea has worked as a floral designer, wedding planner, and as a gallery overseer in Charleston. Today, she is an assistant interior designer for a local firm in Dallas. Andrea's work ranges in a spectrum of art mediums. You could say her attraction to photography "developed" at the College of Charleston. While working in Charleston as a floral designer, she sprouted an interest in creating lasting chronicles of the transient beauty of flowers. Today, she loves to capture fleeting moments during travel, but her favorite subjects are a quick-witted June Bug and a Teddy Bear with a contagious smile that she calls her nephews.

  • Terrell Powell

    Terrell lives and works in Austin, Texas. He makes paintings for himself which are reactions to the circumstances of his life. He considers them a documentation of his personal reality. Past experiences, dreams, and observation of everyday life inspire his work. He views paintings as a learning experience – a kind of therapy. He is interested in the subconscious or intuitive selection of images that are incorporated into his paintings, especially those whose significance may only be made certain at some later point in time. Spontaneity is very important to him – the chance for just something to happen in a painting. For him, the uncertainty of what will happen in a painting is an essential aspect of making art. His highly collected work hangs in galleries, offices, hospitals and fine homes across the country

  • Micah San Juan

    Micah San Juan has always possessed a love for the visual arts. A graduate of Harding University’s School of Art and Design, he works as a production artist by day for clients such as AT&T, Citibank, Pearle Vision and Guthy|Renker, but moonlights as a painter at night, drawing on his love of color and form. Other organizations he has done graphic or fine artwork for include Resounding Harmony, the Dallas Derby Devils, Susan Newell Construction, the American Heart Association of North Texas, Kramer Elementary and Preston Road Church of Church. Along with painting, he also loves pencil drawings, printmaking and leatherwork. He is inspired by older commercial arts like sign painting, letterpress and illustration, but also enjoys specific genres of art such as German expressionism, American pop art and early twentieth century surrealism.

  • Jill Scovell

    Jill Scovell studied Studio Art at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois from 1999-2003. She graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis on painting. Jill continued painting on the side for years afterwards, producing mostly gifts for friends and family, and works for an occasional art auctions or other events.
    Jill focuses primarily on contemporary landscape, still-life and figurative painting. She works mainly with acrylic on canvas, but has also worked in watercolor and, more recently, with linen supports. Jill draws influence for her work from her physical surroundings and life experiences.
    In 2005 Jill moved to Texas where she took on more western themes, depicting the simplicity of the country, the big Texas sky, fields of color and farm animals. In 2009, Jill moved to California which provided the opportunity for her to paint full time. Jill experienced both the struggles and successes of working as a full time artist. She tackled very different themes and pushed through painters block to rediscover her creative process and ignited her excitement in seeing her finished pieces after hours of painting.
    Jill has been especially influenced by Pop art, and American poster advertisements from the 1930s-50s. She loves the boldness of color and form from these periods and translates those techniques to her work. Among her favorite influences are Edward Hopper, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Alex Katz.
    Jill paints from her home Studio in Southern California where she lives with her husband Dupree, son Stone, and daughter Tyler Marie.