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Featured Artists

    Pouran Lashini Abeyan was born in Tehran, Iran. She has extensive background in painting with particular method of Middle Eastern art called Miniature. She focuses on symbols in her paintings and reflects traditional (Miniature and Illuminations) expressiveness. She is a graduate of Azad Tehran University with a masters degree in Philosophy and Art. Her master thesis is about “Art and symbolism”. Her vast professional experience and academic activities are mixing in her art works. She understands how to work with patterns and layouts based on her extremely successful work in utilizing traditional Persian painting. After college; she spent several years teaching Philosophy and painting and traveling for her art works. The important part of her philosophy background and her artistic passion comes to: “Beauty is more important than art, because beauty connects not only with aesthetics, but also connects with fact”.

    Her paintings are a mixture of various techniques that she has taken from Miniature and symbols, even in her realism oil paintings she shows that she is in love with details. Her style has a common theme with so much dimension and detail with various colors. In 2012, Pouran published a “Three Words” which explored her Color’s workshop and counseling in 10 years. Also, she has published two Biographys of Jean Webster and Margaret Mitchel, in Iran (into Persian). “I believe reading a good book is like finding a true friend; you should be able to trust it, you should never regret it, and whenever you reread it… it should always make you stronger.” Pouran Lashini Abeyan
    Background: I grew up in Frisco, Texas, taking art classes throughout high school, where I taught myself how to paint. I furthered my passion in art by taking some fine art classes throughout my graduate degree at Dallas Baptist University.

    Inspiration: Everyday life: people, landscapes, culture.
    Desmond is a Dallas based 2D artist that specializes in oil painting. Desmond experiments with various types of composition but most of his work centers around the human figure. He attempts to capture the emotion of specific moments and is heavily influenced by 2D animation. Desmond also channels the creativity from his art work into his work as a Project Manager for TSRHC. He believes creativity is just as much about solving problems as it is exploring possibilities.

    Inspiration: Family, mentors, friends and I also find inspiration from people I meet. I feel that people are passion because people carry stories with them that can have so much wisdom and opportunities to learn more about life.
    Inspired by patterns and textures in the natural world, Megan Adams Brooks creates abstract paintings on silk that reflect the beauty found throughout nature. Brooks began painting interior scapes on canvas early in her career. It was through depicting the fabrics and patterns in a room that she discovered her fascination with fabrics, which led her to designing custom textiles. From there, Brooks found her true passion for the silk medium. Painting on silk, similar to watercolor, provides many opportunities for unexpected challenges and happy accidents. The process is time-sensitive, multi-layered and endlessly inventive. Brooks' unique method of self-expression fulfills her unending obsession to create.

    Brooks' work has been exhibited at Art Basel in Miami and McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) at 3120 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX. Her work hangs in public and private collections, nationally and internationally. Brooks holds a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree in painting and drawing from Southern Methodist University and a Master's of Fine Art degree from the University of North Texas. She lives and works in Dallas, TX.
    When it comes to art and design, I truly just paint what makes me happy. I really donʼt have any set rules which allows me to experiment with abstracts but also try my hand at a portrait or landscape too. Trying new techniques and playing with different color combinations is my favorite part about this process. I just keep painting and tweaking until the piece feels balanced to me. My inspiration comes from my every-day life... it might be colors from an amazing interior design, a fun fashion layout, or even a sporting event. I work primarily with acrylics and mixed mediums to create layers of depth and texture. I still paint almost all of my work with a big blank wall in my own home in mind! My husband and I both grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. After moving around from Chicago to Virginia, we have settled in Dallas with our three boys(lots of sports to inspire me!) I canʼt imagine a day in my life without a little paint in it!
    In 2002, Lori decided to follow her life’s passion and recommitted herself to painting. At this time, she first engaged in plein air painting. “The challenges presented by painting nature while being part of that nature have taught me a tremendous amount about studying light and manipulating paint.” The one constant through her paintings: her energetic spontaneous brushstroke, applying paint with a confident contemporary approach. Lori resides in Dallas, a long way from the mountains of New York where she was born and raised. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Over the following years, Lori successfully pursued a career as a commercial artist designing for advertising agencies and running her own design studio. She is currently Design Director for the award-winning Private Clubs magazine. You see the influence of her commercial career in her exciting compositions … silhouettes of the world.

    Inspiration: Nature and the ever changing light.
    Nicole Morrow Davis is an abstract portrait artist from Dallas, Texas. Her gestural pieces have been described as ethereal, young, fresh and mysterious. Nicole works primarily with acrylic paint, but also employs the use of thread, veneer, and lacquers to achieve the desired look. Her work can be found at Curated as well as the NYLO hotels and the June 2008 issue of TIME magazine. Ms. Morrow studied under the direction of Dr. Joseph Pomara and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas - Dallas. She is currently, represented by Caldwell Arte Exposicion. When Nicole isn’t painting she is usually contributing to the Dallas Art community through various creative projects or conducting private art lessons with her young students.
    Helen Green’s work was described by a local Dallas store as “simplistic beauty with light and airy colors that will add a touch of summer to any room”. Raised in Boerne, Texas under her mom’s easel, Helen has developed her graceful style, which has caught the attention of area stores, cafes and followers on Facebook site called GraceFilledNestTumblr.com

    Her education began at the University of Texas but chose to graduate at the Art Institute of Dallas. She left the stressful corporate world environment after beginning her career in a high-end specialty store in the visual communications department and ending as a senior art director for a national retailer. Now she finds true joy and peace as a stay at home mom with her precious 6-year-old daughter where she takes time to paint in her studio.

    She also has mini art camps from home to encourage children to find joy in painting during a 2 hour sessions. Each with devotion, inspiration and snacks. They leave with their painted canvases and a smile! Facebook site called “Grace Filled Nest Mini Art Camps”

    Sweetly rooted in her faith, Helen is moved daily by the beauty that she sees in the world through the eyes of the LORD. It’s amazing the following that she is blessed with in like-minded people and others that recognize a still small voice in her work.
    Allyson Hall happily tabled her career as a journalist for the adventures of motherhood almost nine years ago. Four babies later, the youngest finally on board the “potty train,” she finally figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up. Allyson followed the pull to turn her creativity into a professional pursuit that excited her every day. It started with photography. She loves capturing the unexpected moment, the unposed expression on faces. Her Nikon is like a fifth child -- it goes everywhere with her.

    About face silhouettes is an extension of Allyson's passion for photography, a new use for the thousands of .jpgs that were building up in her photo library. She was looking for a fresh medium to capture the images of her children and remembered the great black and white silhouettes of Allyson as a kid.

    By first photographing her subjects’ profiles, she has a fixed moment from which she can trace a detailed silhouette. Allyson takes her time, putting great care into precisely cutting the slope of a nose, the pout of the lips or the curl in the hair. This is what sets an “about face” original apart from many other silhouettes. The greatest compliment she has received comes from clients who say they can fill in the rest of the silhouetted face’s features with their mind’s eye.

    Allyson uses sturdy colored cardstock to give her silhouettes a modern vibe and to provide her clients another opportunity to express their individuality. So that’s what Allyson is about. She hopes that her work adds a splash of color to your walls and makes you smile. AVERY HALL Background: I am a freshman at Highland Park High School interested in art and animation. I want to pursue a career in animation. Inspiration: I am inspired by music and animate works.
    Pauline Johnson was born in San Diego, California, and painted her first canvas in elementary school. Having lived her adult life all across the United States, she now resides in Fort Worth and calls the cowtown “home.” Pauline worked professionally for many years in graphic arts and design, creating logos, digital artwork, product packaging and designing web sites, while raising two daughters. One of her works, an acrylic still life teacup, was commissioned by a gourmet tea company which used it for it’s logo and trademarked her work. Pauline spent many years painting large scale murals, using acrylics (and lots of ladders). Currently, she works in mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

    My mother is a professional painter, and her beautiful acrylics and water color works are stunning. My mom has influenced my life deeply, not only as her daughter, but also as her student, because so much of what I have learned about color and design, perseverance and purpose, I have learned from her hands. I love impressionistic and abstract design. My deeply rooted Christian faith heavily influences my work. One of my favorite passages of the Bible is in Genesis, where the earth is described as being formless, and void until God intervenes and creates the world. The creative process of turning chaos into order and beauty connects my heart to our Creator, and I deeply desire people to see the heart of God in my work.
    Karley Kiker, a former Scoliosis patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, is a born-and-bred Dallas girl who graduated from Pepperdine University in 2011 with a B.A. in Creative Writing. Over the past few years, she has interned at US Weekly and D Magazine, worked as an au pair in Southern France, competed at Miss Texas, and interviewed many notable Dallasites while working as a staff writer and society columnist for People Newspapers. Currently, she works as a commissioned artist and freelance writer. Her first book, Hitched in a Hurry: The ultimate how-to for a speedy “I do,” was published in April 2014.

    Karley’s artistic style is a reflection of the way she sees life: colorful, eclectic, and full of possibilities. Her love for creating has led her to explore a variety of mediums and subjects, including textured abstracts, mixed-media pieces and impressionistic portraiture. Both in writing and in art, Karley is inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, the laughter and love of her husband, family and friends, and by all things Southern (from cowboy boots to Aquanet hairspray).

    To see more of Karley’s work or commission a custom piece, visit her gallery at www.karleyart.com.

    Customer Love: “I commissioned a custom painting from Karley based on the ÔChief’ painting that was already in her gallery. The painting was so much more than I ever could have imagined! Every detail of the painting is exquisite, and she weaved the colors together beautifully! I could not have asked for a better experience in purchasing my first real work of art!”, Kendall Morris, Miss Texas 2011
    Dallas entrepreneur, Jenny Grumbles, obtained her degree in journalism and studio art from Southern Methodist University in 2002. Her work-life is threefold; artist, shop-owner, and buyer for A&E’s hit series, Storage Wars Texas. Jenny’s paintings have been sold in galleries and shops throughout Georgia, Texas, and California. She is the proprietor to her very own vintage home furnishings shop, Uptown Country Home.

    Since realizing her passion in painting in 1994, she has created an impressionist style with loose brush strokes and an emphasis on light and color. There is never black on her palette. Her subject matter includes everything from children on the beach, home interiors, florals, and commissioned work. Jenny attributes much of her success to her mentor, the renowned Claudia Hartley of Arizona, and to gallery owner, Anne Irwin, of Atlanta.

    Jenny also spends much of her time searching for treasures to recycle, repurpose, and repaint for sale in her shop.

    In addition to her shop and artwork, Jenny has a passion for politics and major league baseball.

    Jenny’s main aspiration is to make the world a better place through political advocacy, creative art and home decor, because she truly believes, whether it’s the whole world, or a little cottage in Dallas, home is where the heart is.
    I believe that there is no one "thing" that inspires me. My inspiration comes from an accumulation of three things: my past, present, and future. Coming from a family of artists, I have been painting and creating since I was a child. I've watched my artwork evolve over the years and I love finding new ways to create. Painting is my way of understanding myself and everything around me.
    Background - Studied oil painting under Clara Stovall at the Garrett Art Gallery in McKinney. (7 Years) Studied one semester under Janet Reynolds. Took drawing (MLA) at SMU.

    Inspiration: I am in love with color! When I retired from teaching, I never expected to find something as meaningful to my soul as painting. I discovered God’s world in a whole new way. Though I only paint as my schedule allows, it is one of my greatest joys. I paint from my husband’s photographs, which are another inspiration. We are becoming nature lovers and so appreciate what God provides for us every day.
    Though his technique traces back to the 14th century, Christopher Martin’s approach to "Verre Églomisé" is entirely modern. He captures abstractions inspired by wood grain, the cosmos, sun, sea, or even ski tracks—magnificently—all while painting “in reverse" on acrylic panels. Christopher coaxes layer upon layer of sheer pigment and water to achieve his vision ~ harnessing brushes, wind, heat, and gravity. As Simone Bretz, a former curator of the Munich Metropolitan Museum and noted expert in reverse glass painting states, “Well-executed reverseglass paintings do not reveal the complexity of their manufacture. Since the designs are applied to the back of glass panes, they must be built up in reverse – starting with the foreground and working “backwards” – which makes corrections virtually impossible.”

    Describing his technique, Christopher says, “Every layer of paint has a high influence on the one behind it as opposed to a flat covering stroke. It’s often around thirty layers of paint that fuse together.". Finding inspiration in nature has fueled his motivation. "When you observe the veining in a slab of marble, or the alternating colors in petrified wood and other natural creations, they are all inherently poetic and attuned to the laws of abstraction. Study them closely, and you’ll identify compositions of abstraction. Being surrounded by these natural masterpieces in Colorado is a constant source of inspiration."

    Christopher continues to broaden the scope of his collectors and admirers around the globe. A completely self-taught artist, he represents his own work with three eponymous galleries, in both Dallas and Aspen, and with numerous galleries and dealers across the United States. Illustrious collectors include presidents, princes, and CEOs. He is now represented by Decorazon in London, who in 2013 has shown his work in Hong Kong, Brussels and New York. In 2012, three solo shows were mounted for Christopher including KM Fine Arts of Chicago, Laura Rathe Gallery, Houston, and The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco, in addition to shows in Aspen, The Hamptons, and Dallas.

    In the twenty years since he began painting, his works have been sought for corporate collections nationally and internationally, including Gensler Architecture, Boeing Aerospace, Vincent and Elkins, Starbucks, the Ritz Carlton, Metropolitan Life, and MGM. The 2011 BOMA International Toby Award went to the Wells Fargo Plaza in Houston with its centerpiece -- two 21-ft. commissioned paintings by Martin. In November 2012, he celebrated the completion and installation of a 120-ft. painting aptly titled, "Velocity," consisting of 15 consecutive panels for the Formula One Racetrack, Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, Texas.

    Chris' Kidz Creations project continues, and in 12 years has raised nearly $500,000 for various hospitals, schools and charities that focus on helping sick children. He paints with the patients of Children's Cancer Fund, March of Dimes, Scottish Rite Hospital, and Make a Wish—to name but a few—to create masterpieces that are then printed and auctioned to benefit these important children's organizations.

    Christopher is thrilled to participate in a group Exhibition titled, "Personal Structures ~ Time, Space, Existence," a public art exhibit in association with the55th Venice Biennale at the Palazzo Bembo from June 1st to November 24th. He was submitted for the juried exhibition by his San Francisco dealer, Joan McLoughlin. Christopher is also honored to be included in the Laguna Art Museum's exclusive “Palette to Palate” in May, 2013. In June, Chris' work will be exhibited at Scope Basel, in Switzerland, June 10th-16th with the McLoughlin Gallery. Christopher currently resides and creates in Aspen, Colorado.
    Christi Meril has been creating mixed media art filled with simple and connectable images since 2006. She has devoted herself as an artist to create images that speak to the eye and heart of the beholder. Her artwork is filled with modern yet timeless pieces full of life, self-reflection and love. Over the years, her work has appeared in ArtHouse Dallas, The Thrift Studio, Dallas, The Dallas Flea, The Jewish Art Fest of Dallas, Arts and Tarts, open shows at the 500X Gallery and sold locally. She is also found in personal collections from California to New York and abroad. Christi resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband, two daughters, two standard poodles and english bulldog.

    To see my art please go to: cmerilart.com
    Christopher Miller, president and creative director of the thriving multi-media communications company Rainmaker Advertising of Dallas (www.RainmakerAdv.com), explores both his creative vision as well as his spiritual connections by way of his painting.

    Under the nom de guerre CJMiller, Miller first broke onto the Dallas art scene with his 2002 show, “Flora & Fauna: Digital Impressions” which displayed his skilled use of rich, earthy colors and bold figures. Inspired by the disappearance of stars in the city skyline, Miller’s 2009 show “Starry Nights” reflected his transition into expressionism and his exploration of the more tactile oils and acrylics which he’s inventively integrated with other mediums. His works have also been displayed at Fort Worth’s Stage West, WaterTower Theatre of Addison, and the Fine Art Station at Mockingbird Station.
    While many artists take their craft from traditional to digital, CJ Miller’s artistic journey has been quite the opposite. CJ Miller, the nom de guerre of Christopher J. Miller, founded the marketing communications firm Rainmaker Advertising more than 20 years ago. His initial artistic training is rooted in computer graphics, marketing and visual communication but in 2000 he decided to explore traditional fine arts.

    This journey began with several years tutoring/training with Mary Kathryn Collins, a Dallas artist and instructor who supported Mr. Miller in uncovering his unique artistic identity - sort of like uncovering your artistic thumbprint. For the last six years, he’s taken annual sabbaticals to train with Virginia Cobb in her Santa Fe, New Mexico, artist workshop. Ms. Cobb is known for her unique technique, detailed in her book, “Uncovering the Hidden Eye: Experiments in Water Media,” which is a result of years of teaching experimental workshops. She believes that every painting is an experiment, a philosophy Mr. Miller has embraced as a way to gain a deeper, more personal perception of the physical world.

    Mr. Miller continues to explore methods of utilizing different tools and materials. He has experimented with mixed-media, graphite, chalk and crayon, and matte finished acrylics on canvas, wood and Strathmore 500 Bristol Board. He believes that painting is a spiritual expression which reflects his current vibration and belief systems.
    Background: Having a passion for art as long as I can remember, I pursued an education in art and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Dallas Baptist University. I now have not only made art a passion but a career; showing works in galleries and accepting commissioned art work. I specialize in realism drawing of many medium and abstract painting in oil. Continuing to pursue my passion in art, I seek out living master artists to study alongside with. Such master artists include: Fran Di Giacomo, Romel del la Torre, Maureen Killaby, Nancy Medina and Niki Gulley among others.

    Inspiration: Music, color and light all play together to form creative inspiration for my works. Color theory and the study of light is a never ending research project for me, as I strive to learn more about the arts. It is my hope that I can share my zeal for the arts with others, that they may find joy in my work of art and take with them a little piece of inspiration.
    Andrea Victoria Navarro was raised in Dallas, TX before earning a BFA in Art History from the College of Charleston. Andrea has worked as a floral designer, wedding planner, and as a gallery overseer in Charleston. Today, she is an assistant interior designer for a local firm in Dallas.

    Andrea's work ranges in a spectrum of art mediums. You could say her attraction to photography "developed" at the College of Charleston. While working in Charleston as a floral designer, she sprouted an interest in creating lasting chronicles of the transient beauty of flowers. Today, she loves to capture fleeting moments during travel, but her favorite subjects are a quick-witted June Bug and a Teddy Bear with a contagious smile that she calls her nephews.
    Background: I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12-years-old and my doctors referred me to Scottish Rite where I later had a spinal fusion surgery. The incredible team at Scottish Rite helped me make the most of my recovery over summer vacation by bringing arts and crafts projects to my room. During this time I found great therapeutic relief through art, ad it has been my go-to source for joy.
    B.A. in art from Hastings College in Hastings, NE. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Inspired by ordinary moments, rainy days, and quietness.
    Leslie Parker is a local Dallas artist, recovering perfectionist and lover of True Beauty. Her artwork is an extension of her journey of faith and freedom through Jesus Christ. Leslie's compositions explore the mysterious relationship between spontaneity and structure in addition to celebrating the process as much as the finished work. These two tensions are an expression of the realities in her own life where she seeks to live intentionally while being open-handed with her plans in favor of God's sovereign ones. She views this as a process and part of the journey in becoming more like her Lord and Savior. Her artistic influences come mainly from the post impressionist and abstract expressionist movements.

    Leslie graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 2007 with a B.A. in General Visual Art and will be teaching art and spiritual formation at First Baptist Academy in the fall.

    To view more works or inquire about a commission piece please visit her website at leslieparkerart.com.
    Terrell lives and works in Austin, Texas. He makes paintings for himself, which are reactions to the circumstances of his life. He considers them a documentation of his personal reality. Past experiences, dreams, and observation of everyday life inspire his work. He views paintings as a learning experience – a kind of therapy. He is interested in the subconscious or intuitive selection of images that are incorporated into his paintings, especially those whose significance may only be made certain at some later point in time. Spontaneity is very important to him – the chance for just something to happen in a painting. For him, the uncertainty of what will happen in a painting is an essential aspect of making art.

    His highly collected work hangs in galleries, offices, hospitals and fine homes across the country.
    I first picked up a paintbrush ten years ago and haven’t put one down since. Originally, I focused on capturing our family pets and favorite moments. Since then, I have moved to experimenting with more abstract painting techniques, mostly oil but occasionally water color and acrylic. This is the first time my art has been on display due to the fact that I am constantly proclaiming to my family that my pieces are “not quite done yet.” I love this organization and all it does and am honored to be included!
    Constantly in need of a "creative outlet", I would often find new project and hobbies to test drive. The day I was introduced to jewelry, jewelry design, and a paintbrush was the day I realized I could put my biggest passions of creative design, the arts, and crafting into a tangible product to give back to the world.

    My personal relationship with design has evolved into a love and passion I incorporate into every aspect of my life, both personally and professionally. Throughout my professional life, I have broadened my creative abilities through even planning, jewelry designs, painting, branding, business development, client relations, and marketing. Alongside my professional life, I have grown my design skills through my jewelry and painting business, CLQ Designs. CLQ Designs offers custom jewelry design, jewelry redesign, and abstract acrylic paintings, while catering to the client’s style, need and budget!

    CLQ Designs offers the best of both worlds – unique handcrafted jewelry and art sure to make you and your home the statement piece at your next event and a price point that won’t send you running for the hills! I want my clients to be able to call me on a random Tuesday and ask if I can design them something new because they need to “spoil” themselves.

    Since childhood, my creativity and passion for design has fueled my drive to explore new experiences, learn new skill sets, and cultivate meaningful relationships. For me, the most exciting and rewarding part of CLQ Designs is knowing that I am not limited to what I can learn, design and create. I love getting together with my clients to get our creative wheels turning together in order to design their one of a kind piece from CLQ Designs. I love the challenge of design and thrive off creativity (I can’t get enough of it!).
    Sarah Reiss created R&R Designworks—a one-woman design studio in North Dallas—out of a desire to create aspirational art installations and furniture pieces that express wit and individuality using salvaged and repurposed materials.

    ​ In 2011, she set to work, making each table, artpiece, and wall by hand out of materials ranging from salvaged bowling alley lanes, to repurposed gym flooring, to warehouse wall lath. The resulting line of artpieces, walls, and tables were snapped up by companies from LuluLemon to NYLO Hotels and private buyers from San Francisco to New York City for their ability to convey both top-shelf luxury and hands-on artistry.

    Sarah, a former international journalist specializing in travel and interiors, hails from a long line of artists. As a journalist, she covered international style events from New York Fashion Week to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, her eye always drawn to the fringes of the design world where artists were experimenting with materials and making bold choices. Today, she scouts the country, sourcing demolitions and tear-downs, always looking for an old material to make new again.

    Sarah works seven days a week from a 1,000 square-foot wood studio and an equally spacious welding studio behind the Dallas home she shares with husband, Karl, and their dog. She also maintains a small retail showroom in the Richardson Mertcantile where she sells one-of-a-kind pieces and gift items. www.RandRdesignworks.com
    I am a Texas native and earned a BA in Journalism from Baylor University. After many years in the corporate world, I took the leap of faith to pursue my lifelong passion as a self-taught artist. I am now a full time, working artist and dedicate my days to painting and searching for creative avenues in everything I do.

    Inspiration: My passions are creating and inspiring, and I wake up each day in hopes of combining the two in every endeavor. I paint in acrylics, often combining stains and metallic leafs and powders into my pieces. I am drawn to objects that reflect movement, and this is incorporated into my works. Finding beauty in unusual objects and places, I use unconventional tools and techniques to create imaginative, one-of-a-kind works of art. My goal is to create a painting for the buyer that will add flair and a special dimension to the space where it will reside.
    A graduate of Harding University School of Art and Design, Micah San Juan works as a production artist by day for Fossil Group, but immerses himself in his passion for painting when it comes to raising awareness on community issues. He is a 5 year member of Resounding Harmony (a philanthropic choral group) and has also used his love of charity to do works for Big Thought, The American Heart Association of North Texas, The Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas as well as Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

    I find inspiration from classic commercial artists like sign painters, illustrators and printmakers and well as the street artists from round the world.
    Background: The gentle flame of my creativity has always been kindled through imagination and storytelling. As a child I would often sketch out half written stories inspired by my surroundings, which continued as I grew into a young adult. I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012 with a BFA degree in animation in hopes to pursue a career that would kindle my passion. I moved back to my home town in Texas and became a motion graphics artist at a small company. After creating many corporate-type videos, I realized that my creative fire was going out. I had been stuck in my comfort zone for a year and a half, and I felt like God was telling me it was finally time to step out. So, I left my job without any clue as to what to do next. I believed that God would not leave me in the desert to wander aimlessly with no manna to eat. He knows what he is doing! Many doors of opportunity began to open, and I discovered that my love for art and storytelling as a child was something I wanted to pursue. I realized that my vibrantly colorful and whimsical artwork brings joy to both children and adults, and is a reflection of God’s light, laughter and child-like delight. I am now a freelance children’s book illustrator and I am continuing to follow the path God continues to light for me.

    Inspiration: I am first inspired by God and all of his wonders, whether it is through the vibrant colors of the galaxy or through the messages of beautifully orchestrated music. I also draw inspiration from many concept/development artists who work on animated films that tell a story and from children's book illustrators as well.
    Jill Scovell studied Studio Art at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois from 1999-2003. She graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis on painting. Jill continued painting on the side for years afterwards, producing mostly gifts for friends and family, and works for an occasional art auctions or other events.

    Jill focuses primarily on contemporary landscape, still-life and figurative painting. She works mainly with acrylic on canvas, but has also worked in watercolor and, more recently, with linen supports. Jill draws influence for her work from her physical surroundings and life experiences.

    In 2005 Jill moved to Texas where she took on more western themes, depicting the simplicity of the country, the big Texas sky, fields of color and farm animals. In 2009, Jill moved to California which provided the opportunity for her to paint full time. Jill experienced both the struggles and successes of working as a full time artist. She tackled very different themes and pushed through painters block to rediscover her creative process and ignited her excitement in seeing her finished pieces after hours of painting.

    Jill has been especially influenced by Pop art, and American poster advertisements from the 1930s-50s. She loves the boldness of color and form from these periods and translates those techniques to her work. Among her favorite influences are Edward Hopper, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Alex Katz.
    Background: I have been painting and drawing since I was 5 years old. I am a former patient of TSRH. I received my BFA in graphic design from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2010. I will paint or draw on anything that will hold paint. The world is my canvas, from walls (murals) to shoes to printing t-shirts to paint on making my own canvases, I’m blessed to say I do it all!

    Inspiration: I get my inspiration from everyday life and sometimes even my dreams. Most times I’ll let my imagination run wild on a canvas.
    Lydia Abigail Williams has been heavily involved in the art industry for nearly 6 years. She participated in three art shows with the North East Art Association between the years 2012 and2014. She also displayed her work at local art shows with fellow artists in 2012. In May, Lydia will display her latest collection of work at The Missions Place in Grapevine. Not only does Lydia show her work locally, but she also has completed live art drawings for coffee shop events. She has completed multiple commission jobs within the last year. These commission jobs include work with pencil, charcoal, pen, and chalk. Lydia has been trained in oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, woodwork, and clay. She is currently involved in multiple artist organizations in her area which give her inspiration and encouragement.

    Inspiration: Lydia Abigail Williams is mainly inspired by nature. Many of her works of art are based off of or are impressions of nature. Natural sources and images are often incorporated into each piece. Overall, she finds the outdoors to be her main source of inspiration for her creative journey. Lydia is also inspired and encouraged by her artist community in the DFW metroplex.