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Welcome to my Fundraising Page!
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4/7/2012We are so proud of you, Emmy! We always knew what a great hospital Scottish Rite is and we are so grateful that they have helped you so much. We also know that you are now a very active young lady and are so proud that you are giving back. We love you and your family!Steve & Margaret Plunkett
4/7/2012Emmy your one of the bravest kids I have met in a very long time, I think what your doing is WOMDEFUL, and shows just how much of a real go getter, NOTHING WILL EVER HOLD YOU BACK...i ALREADY LOVE YOU TOOJerri l paul
3/19/2012Thanks for supporting me and my hospital!Emmy
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My name is Emmy Raney.  I have spina bifida and now have a prosthetic leg.  Last April, my leg was amputated at my hospital, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas.  My first leg and foot wasn't doing too well and I couldn't do all the fun things that I love to do.  I love to swim, do gymnastics, play soccer, golf and go to my hip-hop class.  One of my favorite things to do it play outside with my cousin Briley.  Now I can do whatever I want to do, thanks to my doctors, my new leg, and my hospital. Thank you for supporting me in KidSwing!
Please go to Briley's Page also to donate
Emmy Raney
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