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Welcome to Briley’s Fundraising Page!

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Welcome to my Fundraising Page!
4/7/2012I meant "loving" (not login!!!)Steve & Margaret Plunkett
4/7/2012We don't know you Briley, but can tell that you are a very login, thoughtful, and generous young lady to support your cousin in this way. I hope we get to meet you one day soon. Good luck to you and Emmy in your fundraising!Steve & Margaret Plunkett
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I want to do kid swing because Scottish Rite has done so so much for Emmy Raney my cousin. I really want to help and raise money for Scottish Rite. Emmy has come to Scottish Rite since we were babies and she is very blessed that Scottish Rite does everything for her. I also  want us to have fun. I will also try my hardest to raise as much money as I can. Every year I am going to do the Kids Swing Tournament. Scottish Rite I wish you the best and I hope you get as much money as you need for your Hospital and all of your patient’s. Blessings                                    Sincerely Briley Ewell Please go to Emmys page to also donate.  

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